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i once went on a hike and i really had to go and poo. so i decided to walk ahead and hopefully make it fast. i tried really hard and i finished wiping myself with some leaves :/ i finished just in time, however my friend by stepped into it and started screaming.

Dec 08, 2013

i'm able to control my pee flow. at work i stop or slow down the stream if i want to avoid someone or speed it up if im in a rush

Nov 26, 2013

When I was 13 many years ago I was playing with sis who Was 11 and the neighbor's dog would not stop barking at us. He was on the other side of a fence. After a long time I had enough. I went behind our garage so only sis could see me. I dropped my pants and started peeing. Then I turned and peed on his barking face through the fence. It was awesome and my sis liked it too.

Nov 02, 2013

My best friend. The one person I could trust made me feel like complete shit tonight. I don't even wanna see her now. I see her twice a year if I'm lucky. We had plans to see each other and she lied to not hang out. I'm like heartbroken, she cares more about her friends in a different state. :( I feel like she's using me to get a ride somewhere in two days. I feel like complete shit. Hope she's happy with what she's done..:(

Oct 05, 2013

I was ok a field trip, nothing special. Just with our class to some farm. They told us to wear stud we didn't mind getting dirty, so I wore some old light colored blue jeans and sneakers. It was really hot so I drank a lot of water, naturally on the bus I had to pee. I figured there would be bathrooms AT the farm, so I waited and drank the last bit of water. By the time we got to the farm I was bursting to pee!! I couldn't even grab myself to hold it in because everyone from my grade was there. We had to work in the fields so I choose a secluded spot where some grape vines where. I pulled down my pants and started to pee listening and looking for anyone, suddenly I saw a teacher coming, I tried to stop the flow of pee coming out but I couldn't! I hobbled over, (because I was still peeing) behind a bush and squatted low so she couldn't see me. I really don't know what happened after, but I finished peeing with a small wet spot on my pants and carried on huge day, hoping no one saw or knew I had peed on grapes.

Oct 03, 2013
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