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I've got too many issues. I wish I didn't. Why does everything I say upset someone? Why do I hate people? Why am I so scarred?


Since I moved in to college, I've become really close friends with my neighbor (who is a girl) and we play around a lot, joking and such. Holding hands, sleepovers, etc. However, I feel turned on when she gives me back rubs and holds my hand. ACK. I can't feel this way! We're like sisters! But it makes me feel good to fantasize about her in a sexual way. I want to know what it's like to kiss her......


So I have been with my bf for almost a year Now, which is my longest relationship. And I am madly in love with him. But a few monhts ago I was sure he was cheating on me(no actual evidence) so I cheated on him with 2 other guys. One of those being his friend. I feel terrible but I cant tell him cuz ik he'll leave me. I needed to get this off my chest and I couldn't ell my friends cuz they're his friends too, so I'm telling well a bunch of people who don't know me.

Oct 07, 2012

I really hate being the one to confess, I know guys and girls all fear rejection but I have the biggest fear of rejection. My first boyfriend broke up with me for my friend and my first crush after the end of a 4 year relationship rejected me. Now, I like someone else and I think he only sees me as a friend. My friends are so lucky because their love lives are going somewhat great c: (My closest best friend likes someone who she talks to ALOT, My 2nd closest best friend likes someone who likes her back and is gonna ask her out on her b-day, and my 3rd bestfriend likes my cousin who likes her back... And they've liked each other for 5 years!)


I've been trying to lose weight since I was 12 years old. I've never actually felt beautiful. I'm so scared I'm going to live my entire life being "fat". I'm not that big, but some days I feel enormous and disgusting and completely worthless. Some days I just hate what I let myself do.

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