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Assault Breaker
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You never see me. After we had sex you abandoned me. Only 17 years old and you broke me. Believe it or not I let you into that soft naive little heart of mine. This is what I get. So everytime I smile at you, every time I say hi, everytime I don't tell anyone what we did or don't bad mouth you for what you did, remember this: You made me feel worthless, Jett. You made me feel so very worthless.

Nov 24, 2012

I started going out with my boyfriend a few months back. He's very emotional now, and when I tell him my insecurities, he tells me to stop it, or when I try to tell him my concerns about what my mother went through, he interrupts me saying nothing will happen. I can't express my worries without being shut down. He's very jealous, if he sees an attractive guy smiling at he he grips my hand and pulls me to him. he stares at me too, not the love struck stare he used to give me, just a possessive one. Im really considering my future with him. I can't see it.. Everyones so thrilled im dating this kid. But, I feel myself resenting him. I don't know what to do. I know he isnt my soul mate, but I know ill have to stick it out to keep others happy... I can't disappoint them.

Nov 13, 2012

My mind always goes to the inappropriate almost 24 7. It's getting hard to control. I feel like I'm losing myself and i'll never be found.


I ruin my own life. It seems like everything I do, every word I say, is a mistake. I say something that sounds cool, normal, nice or funny at the time and then a split second later I regret it and think "Why in the freaking world did you do that, you idiot!" Ive lost so many friends because of my terrible habit to speak before thinking. I dont know what to do. Im destroying my own life. Five words echo endlessly through my mind - Thats not what I meant!!!


I'm a twelve year old girl and I've been dating this thirteen year old guy for a month and a half. He is the best boyfriend any girl could ask for. He's sweet, funny, caring, fearless, athletic, charming and smart. He makes me feel wanted and beautiful. But. I have to break up with him. It's so hard to keep my relationship a secret from my parents (Im not allowed to date untill Im 16) and it's too pressuring to be dating at such a young age. He has no idea I feel this way. To him, we are going to be sweethearts all through highschool, which, of course, I know is not true. I still really love him. I want us to have the same relationship, to be together, but without the label of "dating". I don't know what to do. If I break up with him, he might think I don't like him anymore and go find another girl. But if I don't, eventually I will explode and the secret will be out and I will be in sooo much trouble. Help me, PLEASE. I need advice. P.S. please take me seriously. I know I am young, but I still have a heart.

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