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Hi, its Alyssa again, Jon and Sean are back at school. I get this feeling the jon is trying to be like my older brother or something because he always hangs out with me now and trys to keep me away from Sean... Well Jon's 14th birthday is this Friday and his mother invited everybody from our advisory class to his party. Sean is in my class along with Jon...all three of us will be at Jon's party and I don't want then to get in a fight about me again...especially on jons birthday! Please help...give advice...anything!!! Go to confession 1888 to see the reason jon and sean hate each other.

Mar 06, 2014

Hello, my name is Alyssa, I don't have a religion and one of my closest friends is a Mormon boy named Jon. today me and Jon were talking in class and this kid named Sean came over to me and started making fun of me, Jon told him to knock it off and Sean said "Make me F-tard" Jon looked upset but he really snapped when at break (Lunch) Sean came up to me and he started calling me names like the B-word and A-hole. It was getting to the point that I was about to cry and Jon came over and they got into a heated argument. as soon as Jon started to see me cry he punched Sean...they got into a fist fight and now both of them are suspended from school. Jon is practically one of my best friends and I feel so bad that he got in trouble because of me, is there anything I can do to help him? he is really angry with Sean. Btw im 13 and jon is almost 14. please help! :(

Mar 02, 2014

My husband and i have been married less than a month. He stop touching me stop kissing me and shows little to no affecition. He makes me feel bad and calls my a pervert for initaling anything. I hate begging him for even a kiss. What do i do. I feel like i have been jipped out of the best part of him. I really love him and see as intimacy with him time to express this to him. If feel like crap everytime he rejects me. What to do.

Dec 08, 2013

Okay I know its stupid but lately ive been suffering from depression and self harming I haven't told anyone and nobody knows but its getting worse and I can't stop

Oct 28, 2013

a week ago i moved into my boyfriend's/his friend's apartment because i am struggling with money. later they decided to have a party. it was quite big, with alcohol, and i ended walking in on my boyfriend having sex with another girl. neither of them saw me and i spent the rest of the night crying in my bedroom. i am completely hurt because either he had drunk sex (fault being sex and he promised me he wouldn't drink anymore) or just sex (he's cheating) i want to leave and/or break up with him but i don't have family i can live with and i'm really short on cash. i don't know how long i can keep it from him and every day i cry more and more when he's out. what should i do?

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