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So my friend had a mouth piece, and my other friend had found it and put it in his shorts. But he didn't put them in his boxers. So then He gave it back and he put it back in his mouth right then and there. I felt bad n I told him. He wanted to get him back so he invited him over his house and gave him some water but it wasn't water instead it was toilet water...tehehehehe

Oct 09, 2012

When my brother was about 5 years old, he told me he wanted to wear nail polish. I told him it was for girls and that boys weren't supposed to wear nail polish. But, my mom said he should be allowed to do what he wants, so my brother went out in public wearing hot pink nail polish on his fingers and toes. I am so afraid that he will be gay when he grows up. -_-

Sep 30, 2012

My little brothers have a fish in their room on their nightstand. I do too. We only have one container of fish food and it's mine, I bought it. They always take it from my room to feed their fish and never bring back so I have to go in their room and get it every time I need to feed my fish. I've told them over and over that the have to bring it back. Well yesturday was the last straw. I went to their room to get it with anger seething inside at them. A tought crossed my mind and without hesitation, I unscrewed the lid on the fish food, dumped half of it into their fish's bowl and walked out. Today they found their fish dead. I know its my fault it died. But its their fault I did it. They still don't know I did it.

Sep 22, 2012

Once I got really mad at my brother because he broke my sisters favorite cup and blamed it on me and so I took apart his bed, broke his lego military plane and dumped his whole box of legos on him in the middle of the night.Muahahahaha!

Sep 17, 2012

There was this b!#8$y girl in seventh grd who was so mean to everyone especially me. So I got a can of lard and emptied it out. I filled it with white frosting and ate it infront of her. My bff was in on the plan too. so we said infront of this mean girl "did you hear?? scientists just discovered that eating lard makes your hair more silky and beautiful and gets rid of zits!" Now this girl was so stupid. she totally fell for it. she ate a freaking can of lard like every day and she got so fat and she had noone to blame but herself hahahaha

Sep 14, 2012
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