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Okay, so my name is dawn I live in ..... and one time when I was 12 I had the best prank SLEEPOVER ever! kaylie my best friend has way bigger boobs than me or the other girls (Stevie Hannah and kristina) we took one of her bras out out of her bag put water on it froze it then smeared some penutbutter on the inside and stuck it back in her bag. Then when my friend Hannah fell asleep we drew bullseyes on her pants for tomarrow on the butt cheaks. Yep best SLEEPOVER ever. And for a week after that I had a sharpie mustache. But it was worth it

Jun 17, 2013

When I was seven, I watched The Matrix for the first time. I then ran into my kitchen, found a spoon, bent it, and ran through the house flexing the spoon, yelling "I'm in the matrix! I'm in the matrix! I'm in the matrix!" Until my mom stopped me and told me to fix the spoon and put it back. One of the best moments of my life :)


Once when I was 14, I was at the mall with my parents and my freind, and he came out of a jewelery store. I asked him why he went in there, and then he dropped a Golden wristwatch into my hand and ran away. Me, being the Idiot i am, Ran after him out of the store, and the alarms went off. Long story short, I got interragated in the back, and burst into tears. I hate you Jackson. REVENGE WILL BE HAD!


When I was in the second grade, this girl who was a jerk to everyone came up to me and tried to trip me from behind. I was carrying my lunch tray, with my giant pumpkin pie, (they serve it in late october :D) and she face planted into the pie and slipped to the floor and broke her arm. Best day ever :D


I fated in class and I blamed it on the most popular girl in the school, who was in my class at the time. Best thing I ever did

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