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So, I pooped in the fitting room of the bra section of Khol's yesterday.. :/

Jun 26, 2015

When I was 13 many years ago I was playing with sis who Was 11 and the neighbor's dog would not stop barking at us. He was on the other side of a fence. After a long time I had enough. I went behind our garage so only sis could see me. I dropped my pants and started peeing. Then I turned and peed on his barking face through the fence. It was awesome and my sis liked it too.

Nov 02, 2013

I sometimes look on google maps for hours; finding the perfect nest of gardens, buy gilet suits online and various costumes (clown, kermit the frog, predator.. You name it...) And I wait till it gets dark out and I go climb their fence and sit/hide in their back garden for (hours sometimes) watching the people inside... Hoping to see their reaction when they find me .. It gets me off. Although I'd like to apologise for it, especially the old lady that found me amongst her soil in her vegetable garden, under her tomato plant at 6 in the morning, in nothing but a sailor moon outfit (I'm a guy)

Sep 12, 2013
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