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My martial arts instructor wore these very small shorts. He was crouched in front of me talking to the guys next to me. I saw that there was some kind of tumor like skin sac coming out of the shorts. I stared at it wondering what it was. Then I realized I had been staring at one of his testicles the whole time!

Jun 02, 2012

I was shopping at home depot and asked an employee where I could find a pair of ear protectors to reduce the noise level for days that I work at home. The guys asked me If I had a loud machine. I wanted to say... yeah my wife, but she was standing next to me.

May 06, 2012

When I was a teen my grandpa would babysit me and my brother. One of those times he asked me and my bro about porn and how at our age we must know about some good porn video on cable. I looked at my brother and he looked back at me with a look that said "did he just say what I think he said?" We decided to pop out the illegal box and ended up putting some porn. One of the weirdest and most awkward moment in my life. Vote awesome if you can relate.


A couple years ago I was having sex with me girlfriend when I felt something was watching me. The room door was locked, the window curtains shut, and no one was in the room but us two but I felt some kind of presence staring at me. It wasn't a subtle feeling, it was an intense feeling and it felt like it was 5 to 10 feet away. I paused for a second but was too scared to turn around. I tried to ignore it because I was so scared. I heard stories about people in that building doing voodoo stuff and messing with spirits. Never told anyone not even my gf.

Oct 10, 2012

I was admiring the female body in some pictures my friend sent me at work. I was too distracted to notice my boss staring from behind. Lucky for me he is cool. He just said "nice rack. On that one. Wish my wife had those." Then he told me to not be so obvious next time and he walked away. I was a bit embarrassed

Jul 25, 2012
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