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My boyfriend is currently away because he is in the Army and now one of my guy friends, who I've had a sexting relationship with before, is talking to me again. I feel bad but I still have feelings for him too. I haven't done anything, but we text every day and last time we hung out he squeezed my a** and said I looked incredibly sexy. He's asked for pictures, and I've almost sent some. I feel bad about it but kinda don't at the same time..


I sometimes picture myself having sex with my girlfriend's friends. I love her, but her friends wear very tempting outfits when we all go out. I'm trying my hardest to get those thoughts out of my head.


When I was a kid I pulled the legs off a spider while it was alive. Now thinking back about it I wish I hadn't done it.

May 19, 2012

I slept with a coworker a couple of times, then found out he is getting married next month.When I confronted him about it, all he could say was sorry. I feel awful and wish I could take everything back. We went on dates, hung out with friends, etc. We even had sex unprotected. I'm trying to decide if I should find out who his fiance is so I can tell her.

May 23, 2012

I stole my aunts rent money. She was looking all over for it. I didnt know it was the rent money. Then I was too embarassed to tel her when she asked me. I hid the money and when I looked for it the next day it was gone. Maybe someone else in my house took it or my parents returned it. No one talked to me about it after that day and I never found out what happend to the money.

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