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Assault Breaker
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I really really like this boy and he likes me too. I found out recently that he has low self-esteem. He actually asked one of my guy friends what I see in him and "how I got a girl like her". I never would have guessed before about his self confidence issues, but now that I know, I wonder how I couldve been so blind. Everything he does, says, everything he IS whispers that he is insecure. I have no idea why he could think this, that he is "lame", as he put it, or anything; he is the most amazing guy I know. Hes funny and cute and athletic and has these eyes I just wanna stare into forever. K, I know youll never see this, but I really like you and I want you to know that you are everything I could ever want and more. You are perfect just the way you are and I love you.

Jan 19, 2013
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