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Assault Breaker
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My parents bought me a brand spankin' new Mustang before I even got my driver's license. I hadn't even quite reached my 15th birthday. Pretty lucky kid, eh? And I didn't even have to beg. Heck- I didn't even have to ask or even so much as hint. "Oh, so you're just a spoiled brat who gets everything she wants." Well, no. That's where it gets weird. I was not thrilled as you might expect. Instead, I was so embarrassed I could've died. I couldn't believe my parents bought me a NEW car that I wasn't even old enough to drive. When I finally could drive it, I didn't cruise the town or flash my keys around in class to show off. I did just the opposite. My daily goal was to get out of the parking lot with as few people seeing the car as possible. When people would go "I LOVE YOUR CAR!!" I would thank them, then turn around and look for a hole to crawl into. That was five years ago, and now at college my car STILL embarrasses me. I'd much rather have one that's less noticeable. Is that as weird as I think it is?

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