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Assault Breaker
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So my mom has this electric trimmer for women (I mean who even does that, most of my friends and I just shave it completely in the shower, not buzz cut it like a beard trimmer) and every once in a while she'll use this thing before her shower... it's sooo embarrassing because we can all hear it though the bathroom door, the buzzing is so loud and you can hear the crunchy sound of all the hair getting caught and trimmed... we all know what she's doing, I don't know if she just doesn't care or what... then later there's all these buzzed pubes stuck to the toilet and we all see the trimmer head packed with pubes while it charges on the sink... I don't get it, why not just shave? I can't even imagine how she hides this gorilla bush under swimsuits.

Jul 30, 2014
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